sabato 16 maggio 2009


(testo e musica dei REM: P. Buck/M. Mills/M. Stipe)

The rain came down, the rain came down
The rain came down on me
The wind blew strong
And summer’s song fades to memory

I knew you when I loved you then
In summer's yawn, now helpless
You laid me bare and marked me there
The promises we made

I used to think, as birds take wing
They sing through life, so why can't we?
We cling to this and claim the best
If this is what you're offering
I'll take the rain, I'll take the rain

The nighttime creases
Summer schemes and stretches out to stay
The sun shines down
You came around
You loved the easy days

But now the sun
The winter's come
I wanted just to say that if I hold
I'd hoped you'd fold
And open up inside, inside of me

This winter’s song
I'll sing along
I've searched its still refrain
I'll walk alone
If given this, take wing
And celebrate the rain

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