venerdì 27 luglio 2012

Jay Brannan - ROB ME BLIND

(testo e musica di Jay Brannan)

Can we clear the air between us, and can we do it soon?
I've been clawing at the mortar, your nails are dirty too
When night falls, I crawl to the window and reach for the pain
I'll fall, but I call you anyway

Someday we'll be eating lobster and drinking fine champagnes
I'll sell seashells by your seashore till you swim through my veins
He who sails is he who discovers, let's hear "anchors aweigh"
There's space to claim under these covers, you steer clear of here anyway

You and me, we spark; no, I take that back
Like a dancer in the dark, my beauty it's black
Just match your lips up to mine
Come on and steal a kiss, rob me blind

You don't need another player gambling for your charms
Dreaming of a victory wrapped up in your coat of arms
I bid more if you're taking score, and I'm all set to pay
But I'll lose cuz you'll choose him anyway

The greatest thing I ever learned is I don't know a thing
The hardest thing I ever earned is a chance in the ring
Simple boys make better boyfriends, that just isn't true
And time will tick 'til you can see there's no simple in loving you

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